Motion Graphics Company

Working With A Motion Graphics Company

Are you looking to hire the best motion graphics company in town? If so, you have come to the right place. With numerous motion graphics companies operating in your area, how are you going to pick the best company? In fact, there are many things to consider in this regard. First, you need to perform extensive research to find suitable service providers in the area. A social network such as “Styleapple” offers so much of assistance when you are looking to find designers or studios to assign your work. Make sure you take a look at their projects before you start shopping for motion graphics studios in your area. This article provides an overview of hiring the best motion graphics company for your projects.

Get References!

Asking for references is a good method to find these service providers. Ask your friends, co-workers or family if they know of any reputed studio in the area. They will be glad to help you if they have previous experience working with a quality graphics studio in the area. Upon your first contact with the studio, make sure you hand in a brief scenario describing your product that needs to be commercialized. Ask for their opinions too. You need to provide the company with your detailed outline, timeframe, and budget. This will enable to company to offer their proposal to you. Review it and negotiate the price. Also one of the studios we’ve worked with in the past is Hatch Studios. They’re a Motion Graphics Toronto based company. They’ve posted some of their amazing work on Vimeo & they have quite the following on their twitter page. Definitely check their LinkedIn as well.

Get a timeframe

The studio should give you milestones and timelines for your project along with their proposal. You need to have an idea when your video is going to be completed. It allows you to review the progress of the project until the end. Once you sign the agreement with the studio, a professional studio will provide the storyboard with a couple of illustrations or style frames. This shows the studio’s creative direction towards the final product. You need to agree on the design and color direction before the actual production begins. This is a very important step if you want the best final product.

Live Shooting?

If your project requires live shooting, you need to be present in the shooting procedure with the motion graphics designer. Both of you have to mutually decide on the outcome. Deciding on the shots is essential to save your time and money from re-shooting. Keep this in mind when the final production process begins. You need to decide on the music before the final production is edited. Ask the designer for a preview sample before the final project is delivered to you. This allows more time for minor changes that you may need to do. These changes are crucial to avoid further delay of the project. Finally, the master tape will be delivered to you.

Research online

The internet is one of the best resources to pick the right motion graphics company on the market. Do a simple search on Google, and you will find a list of motion studios on the SERPs. Go to their websites to see the type of service offered by them and the prices. Check for customer testimonials to see how clients are rating the services of the company. It will give you a better idea of the motion graphics company. (Also check out Pluralsight for how-to guides if you ever wanted to learn more about this type of work yourself)


In conclusion, although there are numerous motion graphics companies on the market, not all these services are created equal. You need to do your homework when picking the right service provider for your business. There are many important factors to consider when hiring the best motion graphics company out there. The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of hiring the best service provider out there.